Federation of the Scientific and Technical Associations
founded in Milan in 1897

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The Federation of Scientific and Technical Associations was established in 1897.
This was a year which was symbolically rich in scientific events......see more details about our history

Founded in Milan in 1897, FAST, the Italian Federation of the Scientific and Technical Associations, is an independent non profit organisation, legally recognized by Law of October 30th 1995 by the Minister of Scientific and Technological Research and Universities, operating on national and international level, directly, or through its associated organisations and dedicated to:
- offer customized services to industry and public administration;
- favour the Italian participation in European Research and Technology Programmes and their dissemination;
- plan and carry out initiatives regarding advanced training and professional schooling;
- deepen knowledge in the field of research policy and of tecnological development;
- promote cultural debate, information and scientific dissemination;

The activities are conducted in the FAST Congress Center in the heart of Milan.
The Federation brings together, the most qualified and representative scientific and technical associations in Italy totalling over 50.000 members.
The list of the federal associations is visible on the home page (Associazioni federate).
These can be individuals, such as executives, tecnicians, researchers in industry, universities, representatives of self-employed professions as well as corporations, institutions and organisations of various legal nature.
FOIST, the foundation in favour of the development and diffusion of instruction and of scientific and tecnic culture, acknowledged by law of the President of the Republic of Italy on the 25th January 1965 n86, is a direct spin-off of FAST.
The Foundation mission is to support the development of scientific and technical education and the diffusion of scientific knowledge.


The member associations of FAST
Associations and entities, defined in Article 1 of the FAST By Laws, can request membership and have to be approved by the FAST Executive Board, can become effective members or associated members of the Federation. Associations and the sections of the national associations that are predominantly cultural organisations and that carry out their activities in the field of scientific and technical disciplines and their applications, can become members of the Federation.

Depending on availbility, FAST founding and sustaining members are able to use office space in the FAST "House of Associations"  and make use of the premises and the services of collective use..
The associated members do not have offices in the FAST building of the Associations, but they can make use of the premises and of the services of collective use by decision of the Executive Board. Memebrs have facilitated access of the FAST meeting and display rooms.
Unions or industrial organisations ca not be members of FAST.

The list of the federal associations is visible on the home page .

The Internal Rules (in Italian) can be found at
Bylaws FAST (in Italian)


Member Organisations of FAST
Associated Members can make use of the emnities and services provided by FAST, they are informed of the different activities, invited to all the events and they can make use of the assistence of the secretarial services.
Associated members make an annual contribution established by the Executive Board.
The list of the FAST associations can be downloaded from the homepage


Current Executive Board of FAST

Adolfo Colombo
Alessandro Clerici, Vincenzo Portanova
Board Members
Giancarlo Bianchi, Luigi Bressan, Gianpaolo Calligarich, Giovanni Palermo, Ferdinando Pancaldi, Roberto Polli, Rinaldo Psaro, Domenico Sanfilippo, Paolo Volpi
Auditing Committee
Fabio Salina, Alessandro Mascioli, Marta Saccaro
Secretary General
Daily operations of FAST are managed by
Alberto Pieri
email: fast@fast.mi.it
Executive bodies
General Members' Assembly
Executive Board
Executive Committee
Treasurer and the auditing committee
Advising bodies
College of the Presidents
Joint Committee of all the associated members
Cultural Commission


FAST Operational Structure
The ability to anticipate new developments, the focus on concrete problems and its organizational and managerial flexibility allow FAST to adapt its management to the requirements of new tasks. Employees as well full time collaborators of the Federation are contributing their excellent professional expertise to specific areas on which the FAST activities are concentrating:

FAST Energy and Technology for Europe
FAST promotes the Italian participation in European research, development and innovation projects in various sectors of Science and Technology, informing about funding possibilities and opportunities of international cooperation. FAST offers in this way a permanent service of dedicated information, documentation and assistance directed to industry, universities, research centres and structures interested in participating in EU programmes.
Since 1995 FAST is an active participant in the IRC Lombardia Consortium as part of the EU IRC (Innovation Relais Centers) Network.
FAST Environment
Since 1995 FAST is mananging "Centro VIA Italia", the Italian Environmental Impact Assessment office initiated by the Directorate General Environment of the European Commission and with the support of the Italian Minister of the Environment
Since 1998 the Centro Via Italia has been a legal strucuture as "CONSORZIO" and has united the best professionals in the field of  water management, garbage treatment, industrial risks, prevention and security, organizing courses, seminars, conferences and studies. FAST Environment is also involved in environmental auditing and certification as well as sustainable turism.
FAST Secretariat
FAST is organizing approx. 80 events annually, many being international confernences, but also study days, courses and seminars. In addtion its member organisations organize more than 100 events per year.
The FAST secretariat has built thus a unique expertise as a permanent secretariat for the complete organisation of  techncial-scientific events mostly in the FAST Congress Center in Milan


For more information
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Federazione delle associazioni scientifiche e tecniche
p.le R. Morandi 2, 20121 Milano - Tel. 02 77790304/305, Fax 02782485, Email:
fast@fast.mi.it  - Cod Fisc. e P.Iva 00916540156

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